As students are the future caption of the ship on which we are all sailing through, they are not only the future of their respective parents but also a hope of teachers and our country as well. Considering this fact, I as the chairman of this institution, believe that we have a huge responsibilities upon our shoulders to give our students a favorable ground upon which they develop themselves into a qualified skilled and most importantly a responsible citizen.

With a noble goal of providing students with quality education through high-tech educational environment and skilled and qualified faculties we have offered a single platform for all the students who wishing to explore themselves in a favorable educational environment. From the inception of the institution in 2056 BS till the date, we have gained superior examination result, success in all-around character development of students and achievement in carrying social responsibilities. We are very proud of developing SPA into one of the leading educational institution in the whole nation.

We are consistently focusing on producing more qualified and competent students and building SPA a milestone in the growth and development of the nation with skilled and top-mined citizens. Our commitment is to provide the students with homely educational environment, well-equipped class rooms, sufficient book-stuff and educational materials in the library, qualified faculties, guest lecturers and instant services. Finally, I request all the students to be the part of SPA so that we will achieve what is impossible for most of the people.

Yogendra Bdr. Shahi

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