Sudur Pashchimanchal Academy is the best academic institution in the Far-West. It has been serving  quality education in this region. Since its inception, it has continued inscribing record in the educational history of the region with striking examples of producing the HSEB and university topper students to its credit. We are proud of our sound faculty team  equipped with strong academic back ground, dedication and professional experiences.

We are committed to provied all necessary access to develop additional skills of students. Students should decide which subject to study and at which college. It is not according to higher grade in SEE and the interest of friends and parents but accoording to the scope of the subject and personal interest and capacity. As the Assistant Campus Chief of this institution, I anticipate the full participate and co-operation of the students to make it possible for us to achieve the expected goal. I shall always be willing to welcome you here. 
Thank you 

Uttam Singh Bhandari

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